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Service Agreement
Terms & Conditions for the use of INO SPACE

Ino Space (hereinafter referred to as ‘INO’) is a co-working space designed for mental health professionals. INO tailors to the needs of therapists and other service providers within this space. All services provided by Ino Space including room rentals, membership, co-working space, and others not specifically named, shall hereafter be collectively referred to as the “Services”.


The contracting party that uses the Services shall are known as ‘User’. The Services engaged by the User upon signup are contained in the Service Agreement Form. At any time during the Term, the User may upgrade the Services by providing INO a written request. The chargeable fees shall be adjusted accordingly.


1.0             INO’S COVENANTS


1.1             Facilities and services provided by INO are specifically listed below.



1.      Fully furnished room(s) with air conditioner(s), table(s), chair(s), and an active internet connection.

2.      Tools and equipment for therapy related service(s).

3.      CCTV system and CCTV recording system

4.      Administrative support




5.      A lounge equipped with working desks, lockers, resting area, and general office supplies. Additional charges shall apply for printing services.

6.      A pantry equipped with a fridge, a microwave, an oven, cutleries, and other utensils.

7.      A private room for User between sessions.

8.      The right to use INO’S address as the User’s corporate mailing address, with prior written consent from INO.

9.      Additional administrative and/or marketing services are available subject to additional charges and further terms and conditions.

1.2             INO shall provide the necessary tools and equipment for the use of therapy and/or therapy related service(s) to the User.

1.3             INO reserves the right to change the tools and equipment at any time and in its absolute discretion. There shall be no requirement to serve any notice to the User.

1.4             INO shall replace lost or damages tool(s) and/or equipment but the costs of the said item shall be borne by the User, whereby the User has to pay for the replacement within seven (7) working days.

1.5             INO shall also repair any damage(s) to the furniture and fittings but the same shall be borne and paid by the User as per conditions mentioned in 1.4.

1.6             A CCTV system and CCTV recording system (collectively known as ‘CCTV system’) all be provided in the general area(s) and shall be operational at all times. In the event of any breakdown, INO shall take immediate and reasonable steps to restore the CCTV system.

1.7             INO shall also provide security through a fingerprint system that allows access to the co-working space.

1.8             INO shall also prepare administrative support during the working hours listed in paragraph 1.9 below. This support includes preparing room(s) for use, serve drinks, and/or to attend to the User if reasonably required.

1.9            INO’s administration staff(s) shall be on duty from Tuesdays to Saturdays, from 10am to 6pm. No administrative support shall be rendered beyond the working hours listed herein.

1.10          INO shall not be liable for any loss/damage to personal belonging(s), and/or leakage of information that are not secured using the facilities provided by INO.

1.11          INO shall allow the User to peacefully and quietly enjoy the use of the Services provided that the condition(s) to this Agreement is met.

1.12          INO undertakes that the co-working space has the necessary license(s) to render the Services.


2.0             USER’S COVENANTS


2.2            The User represents that he/she has the capacity to enter into this Agreement.

2.2            The User undertakes to only use the Services for its permitted use, and only for the business stated in the Service Agreement Form or for the purpose subsequently agreed upon with INO.

2.3            The User shall be responsible of paying the monthly fees and/or other outstanding charges/costs timeously. The User acknowledges that any failure to pay shall lead to suspension of service(s).

2.4.           The User shall be responsible for verifying the payment amount and details prior to confirming any purchase. No monetary refunds will be given for any reason.

2.5            To pay for the cost of replacement for lost and/or damaged tools and/or equipment provided by INO.

2.6            To pay for the cost of repair for any damage(s) caused to the furniture(s) and/or fittings provided by INO.

2.7            In the event the User fails, refused, and/or neglects to pay for item 2.4 and 2.5 above within SEVEN (7) DAYS from the date of demand by INO, the User will be suspended from using INO space and its facilities. Further delay may lead to legal action.

2.8            In the event of any shortfall, the User must pay the outstanding balance to INO.

2.9            The User shall be responsible to turn off the air-condition and lighting, electronic equipment after use. A penalty of RM50/incident shall be chargeable for any abuse or wastage. INO reserves the right to impose a higher penalty for repeated and contumelious abuse or wastage.

2.10            User shall be responsible to keep the co-working space clean and tidy.

2.11          User shall be responsible to attend to their own client(s).

2.12          User is responsible for any damage(s) to any property or equipment belonging to INO, fair wear and tear excepted.

2.13          User must make sure all doors and access to the premises are closed and securely locked before leaving the building.

2.14          User undertakes not to use Ino Space’s address and brand logo and/or likeness for marketing and publication unless prior written consent from INO has been obtained.

2.15          User shall not be allowed to carry out any activity(ies) that can damage, disable, and/or impair the server’s functions. Any attempt to gain unauthorised access to services, accounts, computer systems or networks connected to INO’s platform shall be deemed as a serious breach of this Agreement and shall also be deemed as a criminal conduct.

2.16          User shall indemnity INO and to ensure that INO is held harmless from any loss(es) and/or liability arising from the service(s) provided by the User.  

2.17          User shall have no right to subcontract or sublet or book the room for someone else, without INO’s prior written consent.

2.18          User undertakes to ensure that their services to their respective clients, patients, and/or customers are within the scope of permitted service(s) by any body and/or authorities that governs their profession. In the event the service rendered requires permit and/or license, the User shall be responsible to ensure compliance to such a requirement. User shall also ensure and indemnify INO against any fine, compound, loss, suit, and/or claim that arises from the User’s neglect, failure and/or refusal to do so.

3.0             MUTUAL COVENANTS


3.1             The parties shall first attempt to resolve any dispute amicably and in good faith.

3.2            The parties acknowledge that INO reserves the right to terminate the Agreement if the parties failed to reach an amicable solution.

3.3            The parties undertake to comply with the relevant laws, by-laws, regulations, and/or professional rules of conduct/etiquette.

3.4            The parties shall ensure that they are adequately insured against any claim for losses arising from negligence or professional malpractice.

3.5            The parties acknowledges that INO may suspend the Services in full or in part for reasons of local or national power outages, network outages, water outages, acts of God, governmental actions, war or national emergency, riot, civil commotion, fire, explosion, flood, epidemic, lock-outs, political unrest, strikes and/or other labour disputes.




4.1            INO undertakes no responsibility to the User and the User shall have no claim(s) against INO for any damage/losses to the personal belonging(s) of the User.

4.2            INO shall not be liable for any losses arising from or is a result of any mechanical breakdown, strike, delay, failure of staff, natural disasters, and other force majeure events not specifically mentioned herein.

4.3            INO is also not liable for any indirect or consequential loss, including loss of profit, however it may arise, nor for any liabilities, costs, claims, demands or expenses, any loss, damages, delay or miss-delivery of postal items.


5.0             GENERAL CONDITIONS


5.1             Service of any notice(s) shall be deemed to be valid if addressed to the e-mail address provided herein.

5.2             This Agreement shall be binding upon, and inure to the benefit of, the successors, executors, heirs, representatives, administrators and permitted assigns of the parties.

5.3             This contract is governed by the laws of Malaysia and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Malaysian courts.

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